Private cloud | Public cloud | Hybrid cloud

Cloud computing has transformed from a niche solution to the standard way of running IT in the enterprise. The biggest question today is often which type of cloud to run: public, private, or hybrid.

Disciplines of Web Design

Designing websites, whether they are simple pages or complex applications, relies on a wide spectrum of design disciplines. Let's dive into those principles now.

The Invisible Art of UX and UI

UX and UI design is a little like table service: you only tend to notice it when it's awful. For every dozen games where your hand seems to magically land on the correct button on every page, where your eyes alight on the appropriate menu choice whenever you look for it, there's one where you'll fumble for a back button which isn't there, where you'll constantly be clicking load instead of save. That makes James Chaytor angry.

Google Penalising non-responsive site

Google understands that more and more people are accessing the web from their smart phones. In order to provide the best results, Google has cracked down on how non-mobile-friendly websites are treated in search results.

Facebook Fake News Flag

64 percent of U.S. adults say fabricated news stories are causing confusion about basic facts in current events, according to a new Pew study

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